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Timeshare insurance policies are significantly different from condominium policies.  Most often these policies afford a great deal more coverage than might be realized. Most owners and even a majority of insurance adjusters do not fully understand how to interpret this type of insurance policy for the benefit of  Timeshare resort owners. As such, Timeshare properties are often adjusted improperly resulting in needless assessments to the unit owners.

The Board of Directors for a Timeshare represents a large number of fractional owners whose chief desire is to experience carefree vacationing.  Dealing with an insurance claim does not fit an absentee unit owner’s picture of vacation time well spent.   On-site property managers already have a full- time job handling the day to day operations of the property. Keys Claims has the time, talent and experience to stand in the gap to manage the property insurance claim process with the best interest of the ownership in mind.

We are specialists in the insurance claims process.