Condominium Associations

Flood Damage Floor Vacuum

Board Members of Condominium Associations have a fiduciary duty to ensure owners’ interests are protected.  When a catastrophic event occurs, this responsibility comes into sharp focus.

Without being involved on a daily basis in the insurance industry, can the Board of Directors be knowledgeable as to the complexities of the Association’s entitlements and responsibilities under the Master Insurance Policy?

•   Do State Statutes supersede Condominium Documents or the Insurance Policy given the circumstances of this claim?
•   What are the responsibilities of the Unit Owners?
•   What are the responsibilities of the Association?
•   Is it an error to hire a General Contractor to negotiate your claim?
•   How do you bring the Association and its owners together with the common purpose of a proper settlement with the Insurance carrier?

Our references include many Associations who will verify the significance of Keys Claims’s involvement in their recovery.

We are specialists in the insurance claims process.