Hurricane Season 2017- Forecast: “Is Florida ready?”


Hurricane Season 2017- Forecast: “Is Florida ready?”

“Is Florida ready?”

“The 2016 hurricane season showed the state of Florida that yeah, we really are vulnerable to hurricanes,” said Dennis Feltgen, meteorologist and spokesman for the National Hurricane Center. “This was an experience to people who had never been through one and a wakeup call to those who had experience with them.”

So, will Florida be ready for the 2017 Hurricane season?  Based on what our team at Keys Claims Consultants, LLC saw with Hurricane Matthew, I’d have to say we can do a much better job of being prepared.  Not only from the damage that hurricanes can cause, but also in reviewing our insurance policy prior to the storm season and by being aware of what to do after the storm hits.

The number one priority is to be safe and to heed the warnings that are given. Take precautions and leave the area if needed.

Once the storm has passed, here are a couple of things you should do:

  • Without delay, report the claim to the insurance agent /carrier
  • Take numerous photos /videos to tell the story
  • Keep all evidence of any damage.
  • Take immediate measures to prevent further damage.

Forecasts are just that.  A prediction or guess of what the season will bring.  What Florida learned in 2016, it only takes one. (Article below)

First 2017 hurricane forecast calls for below-average season, 11 named storms

The first hurricane forecast of 2017 from Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science calls for a slightly below average season and 11 named storms this year. Researchers believe the formation of storms will be suppressed by an impending El Niño, the phenomenon of warmer-than-average water temperatures in the eastern and central Pacific. The warmer waters tend to strengthen high-altitude winds that swirl over the tropical Atlantic Ocean, essentially blowing apart storms and making it harder for them to condense into dangerous cyclones.

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